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West Park

The largest and most well known of Goole's parks and gardens is West Park.

West Past Cafe - Goole - Yorkshire - UK


Located off Airmyn Road, the park has facilities including bowling, tennis in summer, children's play area, 2 BMX tracks, basketball nets, cafe, toilet facilities, football pitches and more. Public events are held in the summer months. A park run takes place every Saturday morning.

West Park Swings - Goole - Yorkshire - UK

Dogs are allowed into the park and waste bins are provided for cleaning up after them.

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The Bandstand in West Park

Cenotaph Gardens - Boothferry Road



These relatively small gardens adjacent to Goole Academy School, at the Boothferry Road end, serve as a memorial to the towns war dead.

The cenotaph memorial carries the names of all the men and women who lost their lives in the war.

Cenotaph memorial - Goole



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