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Ebay Bargains Near Goole


What's the theory behind 'Ebay Bargains Near Goole' ? - Every day, items are listed on Ebay that are either, too big to post, or the sellers don't want the hassle of posting the items, and would prefer the buyer to pick them up. The sellers of these items are limiting their potential marketplace to buyers who live locally to them. This gives you as a buyer, a great opportunity to buy items really cheaply. 
We are constantly on the look out for these items, and post them on Facebook, for you to take advantage of. 

Alternatively, you can run your own customised search, using our search tool below...

Enter your postcode, and the distance away from your postcode, that you want to look for bargains, then hit the 'Show me the bargains' button.

Results will show with the lowest price auctions first. You can change this to ending soonest price, or nearest distance, by using the 'sort' tool near the top of the Ebay results page.

To show more results, simply run another search, but increase the distance, bearing in mind the distance you will have to travel to pick up your purchase.

Happy hunting, and GOOD LUCK !!

Find us on Facebook at

Please note, this tool may not work correctly when used on mobile phone browsers, for best results please use on a pc or tablet.

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